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I'm teaching two biodiesel homebrewing classes in Ft Lauderdale Florida this weekend-

Friday Dec 1 (shorter version of weekend class, slightly less hands-on than weekend class)

Sat-Sun Dec 2-3 (more hands-on, more comprehensive class covering more of the chemistry and troubleshooting topics, and including equipment building at the very end where some students will build reactors to take home)

Learn to make your own high-quality biodiesel fuel from waste restaurant fryer oil, and build the equipment to do so at home

In the two-day weekend class, we'll cover the basic process, safety, the chemistry of quality control, quality testing, fixing emulsions made in washing, dealing with bad quality/high free fatty acid oil, dewatering oil and biodiesel, ethanol biodiesel, disposing of wash water and glycerine, and techniques to improve your process (glycerine remix prewash, two-stage production). If you have already experimented with making biodiesel, we'll cover a lot of troubleshooting and problem-repairing techniques.

The Friday class is a shorter version of the two-day class and will include less hands-on time and may skip a few the advanced topics, for those who can't attend a weekend class.

At the very end of the two-day class, we'll also build some processors similar to the Appleseed processor here:

To sign up for the class, see
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