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Bizarre Issue!!! Brand New ICP Keeps Bursting New O Rings - 2003 F250 6.0

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Hi all,

In Feb/March of this year I purchased a 2003 F250 6.0 with approx. 200k on the odo. The prior owner replaced the ICP & IPR with OEM parts. The day I purchased the truck on my drive home, I burst the ICP O-Ring and a river of oil. When I replaced the O-Ring with a NAPA one, the truck lasted about 3-4 months without bursting another O-Ring. When the next O-Ring burst, I ordered Ford OEM 2x14mm O-Rings and during my test drive everything seemed fine (I even gave her the beans!!!). On my way back home from a client, I developed another ICP O-Ring oil leak and replaced it again with a Ford OEM part. Using a torque wrench, I tightened the ICP Sensor to 12 LBS of torque to not overtighten (First O-Ring from Napa I did not Torque to spec). I am leaking some oil from my oil cooler as well. I also have always used 15W-40 Shell Rotella T6 in my truck. Always lubed my O-Rings as well with Silicon or Oil from truck.

Some other issues I have noticed is coolant spitting out of my coolant reservoir tank which makes me think that there are issues with exhaust gasses getting into the coolant system.

My biggest questions are:

1. Is the ICP O-Ring failure related to another failing part & if so what could it be? (Oil Cooler, Tube Clogging up, etc.???)
2. Any advice on how to stop pressurization of coolant system and coolant from spitting out of the Reservoir tank (New Sinister Diesel coolant tank w cap so its 100% not leaking)

Thanks for any help!!!
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My first thought is a bad ICP sensor. This would be causing the IPR to overpressure. Or it could be a stuck IPR, but that would cause other issues.
Can you monitor the ICP while it is running down the road and report back?
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So I was traveling the truck 140 miles per day and generally it's run great. Had some fuel issues around quite a while back and put the new spring unit in and it ran perfectly for seven days. Then, at that point, I began getting a wrench light come on while driving. Didn't change execution yet it came on. It was icp voltage low high and discontinuous. I put another sensor in and it didn't fix the codes. I continued to drive the truck and it deteriorated. It has been stopped for the greater part of the last eighteen months until I had the opportunity to fix. Well Somewhat recently I have put another ICP sensor with braid, new EGR valve, and new EBP sensor all from portage. It is odd at this point. It sits fine and fires up fine yet I put it in turn around for around 15 feet then when I put in drive it falters and wrench light comes on with p2286. I can do it again and again with same outcome. I never contact gas pedal. I have a ficm coming however parcel accept it will fix it, simply needed to refresh it. Different things it has done is harsh running on street and dead pedal discontinuously. Any assistance is valued. Sorry for long post. I have a scanner and am dealing with this. Simply figured I would connect. Have perused many post, saw as nothing comparative.

snaptube vidmate
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still keeps bursting. Replaced with 3 OEM O Rings and 1 Viton O ring. Doesn't leak off the start but after a short 10 min drive it manages to leak out again.
IMO your HPOP is bad or your IPR is sticking closed.

Leaking at the degas bottle indicates a very likely "over-pressure" even from leaking head gaskets. Put a pressure gauge on the degas bottle and that will tell you what you need to know.
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