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I have a 2000 379 Pete with a C12 2ks that I must repower due to my States emission laws, I have found a rebuildable LEE C13 that will bring me into compliance but since the motor must be rebuilt I am wanting to try and deal with many of the drawbacks that I have heard about regarding these C13 engines at this time.

I have heard that the DPF can be a very troublesome system on these engines as well as the IVA/CGR system, I have heard of several ways that guys have used to address these issues from just deleting the DPF and disabling the IVA's to setting them up to work better by improving these technologies but I am hoping to resolve these issues before they arise on the road.

I hope to end up preserving my current 6mpg efficiency with between 450 and 500 horsepower and have an engine that will serve me as reliably as my C12 has, 932,000 of great service before the first inframe with few issues along the way; I may be expecting the impossible I know.

I understand that there are "tunes" that make this power range possible but I have also heard that a camshaft change can also be a benefit so I am hoping someone can educate me on this before I order all the parts.

If anyone has had any experience with making these LEE C13's operate reliably like the last of the C12 series motors I would appreciate your input, this repower is going to cost a lot so I want to get it as "right" as possible the first time! :rock

Thank you!
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