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Truck runs fine, pulled (TWO) P0341 (CPS) code - Cam Position Sensor Performance - and have lost the tacho a time or two.

2001 5.9L

Deleted the code, runs starts fine.

Anyone replaced these yet?
Related to the tach?
Where is it located on the Cummins?

Did a search for the P0341 came up with nothing, so decided to post here.

I am completely new the the Cummins engine so dont roast me.


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Cam sensor is located under the injection pump.

It a extremely tight fit but I've heard of several people being able to change the cam sensor with a few standard hand tools and a lot of patients...:Thumbup:

We don't roast the newbies... We just drink beer with them! :drinkingbuddies: <- Newbie! LOL

Welcome to and your new Cummins Truck!
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