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Cant get rid of code P1316

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No matter what i do i cant seem to get rid of P1316 IDM fault.

I had to shim my injector poppet's to alleviate a cold start issue about 3 months ago when i did that i was low on funds and didnt put in new UVC harnesses.

well now i have to renew my registration and here in the NAZI state of CA they make you go in for an emissions inspection. the only thing that the damn truck has to do to pass emissions is not have any CEL codes.

i replaced all the under valve cover harness and valve cover gaskets It Passes the injector buzz test. but wont turn out the CEL.

I Even tried a know good IDM to see if that helped but it did not.

took it to a friends shop and hooked it up to the NGS scanner and ran a contribution test. the NGS said it had a week injector in number 2.

I swapped out the number 2 injector with a brand new alliant power injector but i have to wait till sunday to use the NGS tester again to run another cylinder contrabution test.

The vehicle can have one stored code but not two and the CEL has to be out to pass the emmisions test.

The second you start the truck it will pop the 1316 code and the second time you start it, it will trip the CEL light.

Could shimming the injector poppets have anything to do with tripping the 1316 code?
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No one?
Sorry, Can't help you out on the code. I'm in CA as well. When the heck did they start emissions test on diesels? Where do you have to bring your truck and what's the fee?
Couple of years back i gather, its only for OBD2 compliant vehicles, and it was a real ***** just finding a guy that could do the diesel smogs. I have a regular smog guy for the gas vehicles thats very easy to work with but hes not diesel certified.

The "test" is a joke basically they check for codes in the PCM and if there isn't any you pass. No smoke test no nothing. They might check to see if you still have a Cat or a DPF.

Im hoping if i can clear the codes and do enough key cycles to make the P1000 code go away and just have the 1316 code i can pull the CEL bulb and get it to sneak through till i get enough cash to fix it right.

As for the extortion thats to the tune of $95
yet another reason not to live in comifornia......

I have a 2001 and live in Baja 38 miles from Calif. Just found out from a friend that the Smog is for 2000 up and under 10,000 GVW. Mine is a F350 I think it is over 10,000 Gvw. Also they check CEL with key on and when eng runs, so don't pop the bulb. I am having the same replaced IDM two times and just went bto ford and purchased one, it shows P1316 and runs great but the CEL comes on and won't shut I'm at a loose.

I still haven't sorted mine out. Im just running with expired tags.

The one I purchased did the same, so I spoke to Ford and have a appointment with a Ford Tech from the main office in La. after xmas. Will keep in touch to let all know what is the problem.

Was wondering if you figured out the cause and solution?
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