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Last weekend I lost all my instrument cluster readings as well as my tow haul function due to blown 10amp fuse #45, also threw a fault code PO460 for fuel level readings. First place I looked was top of the gear selector lever at the well known problematic tow haul wires coming out from the inside of the gearshifter lever. No real surprise, as heres what I found below. I then just used some high quality cloth type electrical tape and patched it up as the wires were not broken, just the insulation was worn away.

1. Remove ignition switch and keep the key in tumbler after extraction, the whole assembly slides right out of the column quite simply. Turn key to position 1 where all cluster lights are on and push round spring loaded ball from bottom of steering column up through access hole in bottom of column plastic cover.

2. Hook up battery charger or disconnect batteries so you don't kill them while working on it.

3. Remove 3 screws from bottom of column plastic cover and split it apart and remove it, also unscrew the tilt lever from the column too if one is present.

4. Pop off the bezel piece dust cover for the tow haul wires clip and unclip the tow haul wires coming out of the shifter.

5. Repair or replace as necessary. It was really a simple repair in my case.



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