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Anyone who is new to the chainsaw adjustment done the most. Here are some pictures to go with my thread topic. First off things must be clean, not just to help keep things clean during use but to make sure your bar oil feed hole isn't blocked by dust/chip buildup.

Ok, depending on your saw make you will have a set of nuts to loosen up enough to adjust the bar 'tip' as I call it and the chain tension.

#1 wear gloves when pulling up on the bar to get the tip up while adjusting the chain tension. For the picture I am not using gloves to simulate and keep from blocking where the chain itself is.

Now, when you have that held up allowing the bar to 'tip' up, take your screwdriver and twist the adjusting screw which is usually by or in between the two nuts that hold the bar onto the engine to drive the chain.

Remember to keep the two nuts snug enough to where you are still able to move it some so once your chain is tight.

To check to see if your chain is tight enough, with gloves on, grab the chain and pull up. You should not be able to lift the guide teeth out of the bar's guide area. You should be able to see the guide teeth enough when pulled, however the tips of the guide teeth should still be covered up by the bar.

Make sure your bar did not move when pulling up on the chain (with gloves) or you will just do this all over again.

Once you are done, tighten the nuts securely and you are ready to work.

Check your fuel
Check your bar oil
Check your tooth condition
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