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Has anyone ever run into situations where the dealer
wouldent touch the truck because of a programmer?

me and my friend,a shop forman at ford got into it yesterday
and even though were friends he gave me lots of good tap dancing BS
as I told him I am adding a programmer to my PSD.
im curious of real world situations.
I agree,if you run on Looney and blow your head gaskets
its your prob,but if your lets say AC unit blows out,that has nothing to do
with a programmer
If I install aftermarket shocks,does that void my suspention's part of a warrenty?


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depends on the dealer, but you never wanna tell the dealer that you either run a programmer or plan to add one. thats IMO, we run one, but set it back to stock, and ford fixed the head gaskets and put in a new head and a new injector. they were cool though and didnt mind the exhaust, airraid drop in filter or autometers on the pillar....
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