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This is City Limits Saloon Charlotte and Ricky B's 4x4cross Takin all things 4WD, Insane Parties, and Extremely Attractive Females, and throwing them all in one Crazy Night that's going to put NC on the Map!

Ladies - $250 Cash Prize - Bikini Mud Wrestling Competition! Come on out in your Bikini and win you some $$$!!

Over $1000 in payouts that night!

*** Bikini Mud wrestling prize raised to $350, Heavy DOT class in the pull raised to $300, and Unlimited Class Raised to $600 courtesy of Custom Built Racing Videos -

Back to Back Truck Grudge Pullin at its finest, with classes from Daily Drivers to the 2.5 Ton Pro Rigs.

Show starts at 8pm, must be 18 years of age or older to enter, no weapons or Coolers allowed.

Spectators - $15 for Guys and $10 for Girls - Print off the Flyer and get $5 off Cover, limit one flyer per person.

*Show up early, Space will fill up very, very quickly, if you don't get in soon enough, you don't get in . . .

More Info on Classes, or w/e:

Few Cool Vid links from Previous Events, some Back to Back Pulls, Some Sled Pullin, Diesel Drag Racin, Muddin, and even some freestyle Rock Crawlin:

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