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Well it was yet again another great event at Atlanta Dragway.We really appreciate everyone that traveled as far as they did.i was glad to see everyone again.especially those i missed at their event this year.



Terri Carle-2004- F250-427.5-753.
George Cobb-Lil Red-479.5-895.4
Shawn Flowers-1996 F250-384.6-687.3
Ty Maitland-2007 Dodge-590.2-1115.5
Jim Layden-1994 Dodge-642.2-1145.6
Jamey Bramlett-2003 Dmax-412.2-810.9
Elliott Lindsey-1999 Dodge-240.3-533.9
Colt Howell-1968 Cuda-487.5-655.2
Billy Ram-2004 Dodge-589.6-1123.9
Herb Prince-1998 Dodge-289.1-615.8
Jon Porterfield-2004 Dodge-530.7-961.7 Fuel 629.1-1124.8 Nos
Frank Lundholm-1971 GTX-333.9-385.7
Amy Robbins-2007 Dmax-274.1-550.6
Brandon Keener-1970 Superbee-309.1-318.2
CJ Campbell-2005 Dodge-408.7-817.9
Will Harris-2002 Dodge-501.6-900.7
Josh Taylor-2001 Dodge-467.7-933.9
Hayden O'Leary-2004 Dmax-394.4-745.2
Davis Peeler-2003 Dodge-376.8-687.6
Carla Dean-2002 Dodge-259.2-613.2
Brian Hampton-2004 F250-412.8-688.9
James Pemberton-2005 Dodge-465.3-798.6
Joe McGinnis-1938 Plymouth-422.1-394.1
Brandon Ledford-1997 F350-197.5-394.6
Shawn Flowers-1996 F250-394.6-673.7
Roger Floyd-1997 Dodge-454.3-882.5
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