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Currently stationed in Newport News, VA and I bought a 1996 12v to upgrade and play around with however my ship is leaving for the dreaded California in January so I am selling this toy before I get to hooked to it. Stats are below:
-1996 12V Reg cab, Long bed Laramie Edition 4x4 Auto
-I think 134K I would have to double check
-Vin # will PM if interested
-Jasper Automatic Transmission replaced before I bought it.
-No Plate (still have it grinded to a 0)
-AFC Smoke screw, Preboost screw, and washers flipped, foot grinded slightly
-HTT 64/71/14
-Mr. Bobs intercooler boots
-KDP Tabbed
-PDI Exhaust Manifold
-DDP4 Injectors
-Retorque'd Head Bolts to 125 lbs
-Mag-hytec rear diff pan filled with Royal Purp Max Gear Life
-3 gauge A pillar with 1 EGT gauge, and 1 Boost gauge (0-100#) Autometers
-Flushed coolant lines, powered coated them
-4kGSK and 60# Springs (included not installed)
-Removed passenger side battery and cabeling, running single Red Top Optima battery
-Removed passenger side headlight for air flow to turbo to lower under hood temps (have light to replace)
-Have a Snow Perf. 7gallon tank (included, not installed)
-AC Removed along with Pulley
-Stock Pump with DV
-Brand new water pump
-New front seal
-Brand new Oil Filter
-Brand new Fuel filter (included,not installed)
-Oil just changed with Valvoline Premium Blue
-Grand Rock Single 7" Mitre cut stack (included, not installed)
Asking $10,000.00/OBO You will be responsible for shipping or picking it up/driving away

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