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Conversion almost done

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Here are some pictures of my progress .


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Looks awesome! Are you doing it yourself?

Does it have an Allison or 5R110 behind it?
I get my parts from Scott at DEstroked , But I am doing all the work myself . It is an Allison .
looks like a nice clean install.

I moved the thread into the new forum... Cummins in Fords
That looks great!! How bad is the Allison install with computers?
WOW!!! That is nice... Great job... Please keep us updated...:happymugs
What are you doing about the ignition, i hear above a 05 its a PITA to work around? something to do with a security key that the CR uses :shrugs non the less one clean install.
Very nice job. So clean and perfect.
BAM....There's a nothern.

Looks awsome, very clean install. Cool that your using the Allison.
Nice job. Looks great. Chris
The Allison is a super easy install . It uses the factory allison computer and Destroked"s computer . There is no programming except for how hard or how soft you want it to shift . The ignition is super easy on the 06 common rail . You simply get a smarty and a recovery program that deletes the security system .
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Thanks :happymugs
Wow, sounds way more simple than I thought! I need to find another Ally for the Chum.
Very nice!
that is a very clean install. i wonder how the ali will like it behind a CR cummins.

Whats been done to that Alli?
Very nice...:thumbsup
1 - 20 of 24 Posts
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