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Couple of questions

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Okay so after some debate I decided I wanted to put a 5.9 in my 94 F250. I was planning on using an adaptor plate and keeping my zf-5. My problem is I cant seem to come up with a 12v with a p pump. Ive found ve pumped 12vs and 24vs but none of what I want. If I have its far away and Id have to buy it sight unseen and pay pleanty for shipping.

If I went the 24v route how big a deal would it be to wire it up? Im somewhat ignorant of cummins so any help is welcome.

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can't answer the rest, but just wanted to tell you to also keep an eye out on the commercial / medium duty side - there were many p-pumped 12v's used in things like F600 - 800s and school buses.

there are a lot out there, just waiting to be found...
Yeah Ive been looking for school busses that are equiped with them. Ive heard you can get them cheap once theyve miled out but I havent found any real close yet.

Hey man I found mine on Gave around 2000 with 98,000 on it. 94.5-98 are p pump
Yeah I skim through DesMoines and Kansas City craigslist about everyday. Id probably give 2k for one with less than 100,000mi. It seems most of them have over 200k mi though Ill keep up the search.
Hey man I found mine on Gave around 2000 with 98,000 on it. 94.5-98 are p pump
94 starts it.

go check out compD in the classified section. they always have a lot of stuff there.

I have a dozen each P pumped 12v and 24 valves
All Right got an engine in the middle of going through it. What kind of clutch do I need? Im keeping my zf5 and was told id need one for an nv4500. I was thinking dual disk but I see them with different input shaft sizes. I guess I need to know what size to get.
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