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CR is in...

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Got some photos from Corey @ Sasquatch today and all seems to be comming along good. Looking to have it back on the road in early April, needless to say I'm getting a bit itchy. I cant say enought about the professional work/attitude Corey has had during the entire process. Thanks man!!!:thumbsup

Getting Studs...

48RE from Goerend....

Couple with it in...

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... I got a great deal on the Allison....
I was actually considering that myself for a min.
I've been fortunate with the few I've owned. I know lots of people dog them but I went with it. I may be on here complaining about it later but I doubt it. The pepto-bismol torque converter I have to use does not make me happy but it is rumored to be great.
If it's the best available than I guess run with it. Either way I'd be great It'd be great to hear how it comes out!
There will definitely be a thread or two.
You have on nice rig goin there. Stick with it. All great things come to those who wait. Paitience.
Im using the same pump with the autoworld bracket. I used a straight edge and made sure they were aligned. I also had to pull on the pump/bracket to get them better in lined.
a zf6 and southbend clutch from dan at midwest trans will take care of your trans problems, it will shift exactly when you want it too!!!!!! since ive finished my conversion ive clocked 18,000miles, pulled 15k a few times, and get 18.5mpg on average....and not one problem except once a month my FASS:bang pump burns up my fuel pump switch cant figured out why either...owell
Looks good, but my eyes keep migrating to that top radiator hose.
With all the fab that went into the turbo plumbing, you'd think they could have made a pipe to fit there.
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nioocee, im guna do that to mine this winter too!!
Decided to go with a single mod. CP3 insted of the twins. No real reason except I didnt really need that much fuel.

This pump has been great so far. Dont notice any differences in RP with these sticks. Well see after the new ones are in. Doubting there will be any difference though.
which brand rad hose is that, theres a few diff ones ive found that one looks like a really nice piece...
181 - 191 of 191 Posts
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