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This is from one of the CT members over on FTE just in case you guys are interested in joining in.

Well a few buddys of mine and myself were talking about trying to organzie a truck meet/crusie.

We always see/hear about Subaru, honda, and VW meets/drives but never any for trucks.

We are from CT, but ANYONE is welcome to come. Gas, Diesel, Lifted or Lowered.

Its a few months away but I would like to put the word out now to invite who ever you'd like too and just to see if anyone would be interested.

Its planned for March 26 2011 thats the last Saturday of the month.

We are going to meet at the Danbury Fair Mall off of exit 5 at 9AM and try to leave there by 10.

We are going to head up route 7 to Kent Falls, nice scenic drive, its a pretty decent sized parking lot with nice views and a place to hangout/talk/and look at other trucks.

Its free. Just looking to organize something around here for trucks.

I will bump this up to the top probably once a month just to keep the word out to new members and others who might not see it.

If anyones thinking about coming along just post something up here, Thanks.

Here is the link.
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