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Cummins sawp into 03 F250 with a 6.0l

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Hey guys i am new to the forums. I have a 03 f250 with a 6.0 and a torqueshift.
I been doing quite a bit of searching but i can find out weather i need to cut my drive shafts or not. I am planning on dropping in a cr with a 48re and using my ford transfer case. Any help will be great. Thanks in advance guys.
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I have a 12v with a 47RE I used my ford NP273 transfer case and I did not have to cut my drive shafts. I did have to replace the input shaft in my t-case and fabricate a mounting plate for the tranny to attach to the ford x-member but the rest worked like a champ. Also the t-case is clocked a tad bit more than factory so you might have to do a little modification to the x-member for the front drive shaft, I havent put the front shaft on yet just rolln 2wd until I work out all the bugs. I got all of my conversion parts from GOS, great guys and lots of help:thumbsup:thumbsup.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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