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We now offer the Steed Speed Exhaust manifolds!

The only manifold available to give a substantial gain in power and fuel economy.
Not cheap cast and not weak tubular. This is the finest fully CNC machined billet turbo manifold on the planet.
Easily outperforms every other manifold available.

Engine dyno testing shows a 30HP gain over other "3 piece" manifolds!
This manifold performs as well as the other "3 piece" manifolds with the high-flow center section available from certain vendors, but it provides it with a lower backpressure!
We run this manifold on our 3.0 Puller, Black Ice, with GREAT results!

We have 2 of the T6 straight flange manifolds in stock as well as a T4 stock angle manifold.

For the T4, click here.

T6, click here.

Ask about the forum member discount on in-stock manifolds while they last!
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