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Besides the hubs and brakes what is the differnce bettween a Dana 80 in a Cab and chassie '01 F350 and a '01 F450?

Here is my issue I have a F550 with 4.88s, that is getting a 6 speed as soon as i get 3.73 gears for it. Spicer 110/135 3.73 gears are big bucks and I have not found anything used.

So i have been looking for a F450 dana 80 to put a locker and 3.73 in, but every one wants top $$

I have a 2001 F350 Cab and Chassie truck (blown 7.3) with 3.73s and a detroit locker can I take the 450/550 calipers and brakets (i thinks so) but what about the 550 hubs (I thinck so) and and axle shaft?

or would I have to go with F450 axle shafts?
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