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I have a Job 1 2008 F350 and the rearview camera was not an option. So I decided to add one myself. The first thing I found was Gentex makes the mirror for Ford, so it looks like OEM.:Thumbup:

Step 1: Purchase Gentex rearview mirror and a camera. I bought a rear backup camera by Boyo which connects to the license plate frame.
Here's what I bought: (I have been happy so far with both and the night vision of the camera seems to be pretty good.)

Step 2: Disassembly. Remove old mirror. Remove screws from passenger visor. Remove passenger side grab handle and a-pillar molding. Remove passenger side floor moldings, front and rear. Put a small hole in the grommet behind the cab on the passenger side.

Step 3: Install New camera and Mirror.

Step 4: Run wiring from camera along frame rail to the rubber grommet in the cab. This will enter the cab behind the carpet which is behind the rear seat. (You will find you have way more wire than you need. I rolled up all my excess and placed it behind the carpet where it can't be seen.

Next, connect the mirror wiring harness to the mirrror. Run it under the headliner to the passenger A-pillar and down the pillar. Then run it through the dash to the fuse box. I connected the mirror to one of the extra fuse spots using a fuse connector that I got at autozone. I then rand the wire that activates the camera through the dash to the upfitter wires on the driver's side. (This wire is supposed to be connected to a reverse wire so the camera comes on when in reverse, but I wanted to be able to turn it on or off whenever I wanted.) ;) I then connected the wire to the #3 upfitter wire. The third wire, (the one that connects to the camera) I ran under the passenger side molding to the rear of the truck the fished it under the rear seat where I connected it to the camera. Again, there is a lot of extra wire, so I again rolled up the excess and put it behind the carpet.

Step 5: Reattach all the moldings and reinstall the grab handle and visor.

Step 6: The camera can be adjusted for the angle of view to the rear. I adjusted it so that my hitch is clearly seen but I can see quite far behind the vehicle.

Step 7: Back up to a trailer and hitch up all by yourself. If you are like me, you'll do it a few times just for fun to see how easy it now is.
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