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I'm shoulder deep on a major modification by swapping my 97 club cab and 12 valve into a freightliner FL70 chassis and rebuilding my engine while I'm at it.

So far I got both cabs off, I'm peeling the unnecessary parts from the freightliner chassis and making the cab mounts. I'm planning on keeping the original rubber mount and bolt design and making the brackets from scratch.

I have a 13 speed road ranger transmission to put in it, I still need a clutch and SAE2 clutch housing for it. As far as the engine I had an oil pump failure so I have to pull it apart and examine the damage. I'd like to put a bigger cam, o ring and stud while I'm into it this far. Eventually I may install compound turbos.

At any rate I'll put pics as I install parts and move progress. It'll be a while before it's done due to budget limitations.
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