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So I need to have my turbo reconditioned, new core and nozzle ring, which will be in the next two weeks. I am contemplating if I should put a downpipe on.....reason being the DPF and CAT is in one canister, DPF insides were removed in 2018, then I saw this plate in the "cat" connecting to the turbo, which in my mind is a restriction. I am just scared removing it, may cause other problems....and I am not getting a lot of info on this...
Will also be doing a re-tune.

I did a back box delete a year ago and lost torque bottom end, so I had the back box put back. But this time I will be doing a new tune after turbo recon.
What do you think, yes or this piece very important....or just a restriction...not sure why it was put in, maybe just for emissions...?

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1 - 3 of 5 Posts