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I have decided to go with a DPF / cat delete on my 2008 ford f350 and run the H&S mini maxx tunner. I was wondering if anyone who has done this mod has had any problems. My main concern in blowing my motor once I do this due to egr and the egr cooler. The tunner i will be running has the egr bypass but from what I have heard there is also a egr on the motor itself? My question is that with doing the cat/dpf delete and running the mini maxx will I need to do ANYTHING else to prevent any problems... (I wil be running stock Hp 99% of the time)

Also the programmer has choices for one with pyro and one with pryo, I have no idea what that means and if I will need this option. Any advice helps

Many people also say I will need a mini maxx with overdrive protection. Also this is something I havent heard much about and would like to know if This is something i need on my tunner

Any and all advice helps. Problems, pros, cons, other mods, Tell me how your dpf and cat deletes went/what you did
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