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The brakes are the most safety important equipment of your Chevy Silverado and if they are not in good shape you are definitely in trouble. It’s estimated that about 22% of car crashes are a result of brake failure. But enough with the bad news. Good news is there is a solution, that will keep you and your passengers safe and maintain a long service life. The solution is Galvanized Brake Pad by NRS Brakes, finally available at CARiD!

These brake pads begin a new era in the aftermarket brakes industry. NRS is a process of the surface modification of disc brake backing plates that involves adding a consistent matrix of raised steel hooks that facilitate a mechanical bond between the backing plate and friction materials. This results in a backing plate that fully answers the corrosion problem facing automotive braking today. Watch the videos in this post to see the actual difference between regular and galvanized brake pads.

NRS Brakes® - Galvanized Brake Pads

NRS Brakes™ | Galvanized Brake Pads —

Enhance the safety of your driving with new NRS Galvanized Brake Pads on!​
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