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Dt466 miss at idle and heavy light grey smoke

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I’ve got a 1988 dt466c 210hp reman engine bosch mw pump with unknown miles, very little blow by.
Was driving the truck the other day and it just took a dive in power and started smoking heavy black smoke under acceleration and steady grey smoke at idle. My first thought was a stuck open injector. I removed all injector lines and spun the engine over to check and see if one was stuck open that didn’t alert to any issue. I did however change injector three & six for remans. Still did not fix any issue. At this point after idling while trying to diagnosis my problem I noticed oil coming from the hot side of the turbo, so I replaced the turbo. I noticed oil inside of #3 cylinder exhaust port and some but not as much on #2. Turbo did not clear up any issue either. Truck doesn’t appear to be loosing oil but is blowing a fair amount of black liquid out exhaust. Just looking for some help any way I can get it.
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any ideas?
Turned out to be a broke spring and rocker arm on exhaust valve spring coil bound holding the valve partially open. Replaced both and haven’t had any more issues.
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