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DT466E No Start

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Although I have quite extensive gasoline engine experience, I am a neophyte on diesel rigs. I have a 1996 International 4700 with DT466E that has been sitting a couple of months. I don't have so much as an owners manual for it. Went to start it and it sputtered and died, now won't fire at all. It cranks fine. I suspect the cold weather isn't helping things (just below freezing).

I get fuel out the shraeder with it depressed while actuating the hand primer. I would appreciate some basic troubleshooting steps on this engine. My suspicion is a fuel problem.

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try pumping the hand primer until you get a fair bit of pressure and try to start it. if it pressures up really fast or won't pressure up the filters may be waxed.
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It seems I can pump it forever without feeling any pressure buildup whatsoever, though with the valve depressed fuel sprays out quite vigorously. The truck has a filter plugged and water in filter idiot lights, which are not illuminating. I've had the truck only since last Spring and it's seen few miles since then. I've never changed the filter so can't say how old it is but the truck was regularly maintained before.
Thanks. I'll give that a try. What is the procedure for filter replacement as far as priming the system? Is it to simply hold the shraeder valve open while actuating the hand primer until the air seems to be purged? It looks like the valve is such that it accepts a special QD connector, which I don't have, which would avoid making a big mess. Are these standardized and readily available somewhere?

BTW, on a related topic, any recommendations on a source of operating and shop manuals for this rig?
i just fill the filter full of clean full, spin it on and go. if you think it has air in it, have someone crank it over while you pump the primer:wave
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If you have fuel, I would try cleaning the battery connections and grounds, be sure the ECM fuses and power connections are clean and tight. Charge the batteries each one separately with a regulated charger.
when cranking do not touch the throttle, let the computer program do it.
Also are you getting smoke? Does it motor over with the starter, You may also want to remove the valve cover and do a valve set, and look over everything, broken springs, check the wiring.
While cranking do you get oil pressure?
Be sure the air intake is clean.
Just a thought!
To follow up, I replaced the fuel filter with a spin on Wix, put some winter diesel in it, and the ambient temperature warmed up to 40F. Pumping the primer did feel like it built up some resistance after the filter change. After a bit of cranking it fired up. Runs good. Thanks for all the help!

Still looking for manuals though. :poke
1999 navistar with a 7.3 sit a couple of month cranked up and died now will over battery good will turn over if you jump across the starter but still will not fire up turn key and dash lights up the yellow glow plug light flicker with the key on but not constant
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