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Dt466e. P O S. Bout to burn it or cliff jump it need help

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I have an 97 4700lp roll back dt 466e.
truck has new injectors and hpop this past week and I got it started after sitting from two year and three crappy parts changer mechanics later…. Long story short of it. It now starts and runs and idles fine…this week first time since I owned it lol…..
I will post a video as soon as I figure it out on this forum but in the mean time it literally cuts fuel out and dies every time very repeatedly I can make it happen. I just drive in second gear and when it’s braking and slowing down the motor will just quit. It starts right up and sometimes when I repeat it it’s white smoke blowing out for a two - three second. Burst then it fires right back up like nothing was wrong. At the moment I have the icp sensor unplugged thinking that would help…. Nope…. Any suggestions would be wonderful. I have changed out the oil fuel filters crappy little screen below the plunger primer. Check ball in the plunger primer. Basically most changeable parts that the parts changer guys can do I really checked. Have no clue why it would shut down quite like that I will link a YouTube video since I can’t do it here when I get back later

thanks again in advance

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