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IDP X3 6.4L Custom Tuner:

We just released our IDP SCT X3 for the 6.4L trucks with the 4 custom tune package for $799 map. Currently, you can purchase them from Innovative Diesel or Rudy's Performance. We will open them up to our dealer and WD network in approximately 2 weeks.

Power tunes:
Xtreme Race - 325+rwhp
Xtreme Street - 285rwhp
Street - 215rwhp
Tow - 80rwhp

Trans tunes:
Dyno Lock - Dyno mode only
Soft Shifts - Tow or Street smooth shifting
Firm Shifts - Firmer reliable shifting for any tunes
Race Shifts - converter locking in lower gears for any tunes

This version of the tuner was priced so that you can buy a monitor(Edge Insight, etc.) or gauge package of your choice and still be within the pricing of a touch screen setup.

Innovative Diesel X3 6.4L OR Custom


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sounds good, wish it would have been offered about a year ago.
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