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I have a bunch of parts that I am trying to get out of my garage from my early to late 99 7.3 conversion. All prices include shipping and are negotiable within reason. Photos available on request.

Early 99 intake spider. $130

Early 99 turbo pedestal. $50

Early 99 turbo. 210,000 miles. Probably plan on rebuilding if you want to use it as anything other than a door stop. $100 shipped.

The rest of the early 99 intake stuff (up pipes, intake covers, misc boots and clamps) $40

(5) AB code injectors with roughly 210,000 miles. Ran fine when pulled. $80 each

(3) AB reman injectors with at least 35,000 miles. Ran fine when pulled. $80 each

(3) AD code injectors with unknown mileage. Good for cores. $70 each

All aluminum intercooler. Some cosmetic damage, but structurally sound. $220

15* HPOP with 210,000 miles $100

Eagle alloy aluminum 16x6 dually rim with 2 center caps. $100 shipped.

Full set of stock dually rims, with or without roller tires on them no caps. $400 local in Westminster, CO I can ship if absolutely necessary, but it is probably going to cost more than it is worth.

I have been out of the game for a while, so if you think my prices are ridiculous, feel free to make a reasonable offer with proof of some other similar product selling for the price that you are offering. Keep in mind all of these prices are shipped, and some of this stuff is big and heavy.

email [email protected] with questions or concerns.

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