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This truck is starting to get me upset. I have performed some tests and done some research and started dismantling the truck. Valve covers and turbo off.
I believe I have some mechanical and unrelated electrical issues at same time.

'95 PSD 5 speed. 174,XXX with the turbo, UVCH and outside wiring, 2 inj. changed in 2 years/15,000 miles. No chip or tuner, EBPV brake used, 120 volt, 3 year old IDM.

Truck was used plowing snow 2 weeks ago, another guy driving but I never noticed problems while next to it running. Next morning started truck, lots of smoke, missing and definite injector knock sound, no whoosh sound at that time. Removed valve covers looking for whatever, this was AFTER A/E said passed buzz test and when warm at operating temp the smoke disappeared and it passed contribution test. Unplugging inj. found no change with #3 inj. all other inj. the engine noticeably missed worse with disconnecting each. Rigged up 120 volt pilot light as noid light and it flashed on all cyl.s the same. Unplugged/plugged up #3 and it started firing??? Did buzz test again and #3 and #8 High to low side out.

During all this truck starting making whoosh sound never stopped smoking just for grins I performed compression test cold ( removed all glow plugs first) and thought I would retest when warm. During all this I found that 4 out of 8 glow plugs bad, replaced and started and the whoosh sound is REAL loud now and unplugging the EBPV does nothing to affect it. Having someone else start it and activate EBPV/Brake and rod does not move either. When I removed the down pipe the flapper was open ( 90*) to bore.

Compression cold was between 290-340 all 8. Truck is really not bad shape and I feel the comp. isn't bad for cold, but I'm seriously thinking C4.

I could really use suggestions and would really appreciate all comments.
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