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I have the Viper 791 with remote start that I use ALOT for cold and hot days. I also have the Edge Attitude and Juice Platinum.
I really like the Juice combo and realize it may not be as good as the SCT but I like the features like turbo timer, power setting on the fly, and multiple protection levels.
As far as shifting I have been slowly upping the defuel on shift from 100% in order to find the sweet spot for my tranny.

In any case the only issue I have is that when I remote start my truck 99% of the time the Attitude display will light up the LCD backlight but not boot up with the text and menu options? If I turn the truck off and restart it works fine? My alarm was professionally installed but I am not sure what is missing? Like I said this happens something like 99% of the time and every once in a while it will boot up fine?

Anyone have any suggestions on what may be missing between either the alarm or Edge?
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