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I have an edge insight for sale out of my 08 ford. Does have the probe if you need. Heres the info off edges website.

Comprehensive Gauge Display:
The Insight is an easy-to-install standalone multi-gauge display. With what would otherwise cost thousands of dollars and take hours to install, the Insight provides inexpensively and instantly. Some of its many features and benefits include:
• One simple connection to the vehicle’s OBDII (diagnostic) port
• Displays more than 100 different vehicle parameters
• View parameters in either bar or graph form
• Built-in safety features: user-defined visual and audible alerts

Scan Tool and Data-Logging Capabilities:
Capture and record even more information about the vehicle’s performance with the Insight’s data-logging and scan tool features.
• Display and clear diagnostic trouble codes with full text description
• Capture and record up to five parameters for 90 seconds
• Display peak values such as speed and RPM on a PC (software included)
• Performance testing: 0-60 and quarter-mile times

Bonus Features:
In addition to all of the parameters that can be displayed, diesel owners can purchase a thermocouple probe (sold separately) that connects to an additional sensor port on the OBDII connection and display EGT (Exhaust Gas Temperature). And for owners of new diesels with diesel particulate filter (DPF) traps, the Insight displays DPF regeneration status.

With its gauges, built-in safety features, and scan-tool and data-logging capabilities, the Insight is a valuable, comprehensive tool. Also, all the latest files and product information can be downloaded via the Internet, which means you never have to send your unit in to get re-flashed. But perhaps best of all is the Insight’s ease of use. With touch-of-a-button control, it’s never been easier to gain insight into your vehicle’s vital engine information.

The Insight is Internet updateable and works on the following truck applications:
- Ford 2003-2008 Powerstrokes and 2004+ F-150s *2009 Ford Powerstrokes currently not supported
- Dodge 2006+ Cummins and 2007 Hemi trucks
- Chevy 2006+ Duramax and 2007+ Chevy gas trucks

*Insight computer Software and Fusion update software will not work on Vista 64 bit or Mac computers. (Both will work fine on the 32 bit version of Vista)

Im thinking 200.00 and tell me what pod you need and ill get you a new one at my cost.

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insights will only swich EFI tunes for the LB7 and the LLY and this insight is for 06+ duramax
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