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I think that I'm having issues with the clutch cooling fan engaging like it should. I've hooked up my OBD reader and I see that the fan spins around 300 RPM at idle even on a hot day with the AC on. Going down the road doing 60 MPH it never exceeds 700 RPM. Stop and go traffic I never see the fan RPM get above 450.

I pulled up the Ford manual it one of the checks it says to do is read pins 1 and 2 on the fan connector for a resistance check. The Ford manual says I should receive 6-8 ohms. When I read those two pins I'm reading an open with my setup.

***I was hoping that someone could pin out those two pins really quick before I pull the trigger on a $300 component and validate that their working fan reads approximately 6-8 ohms***

While turning the fan by hand I feel a slight increase for around 20 degrees of rotation after which it frees up a bit. This increase in resistance is ever so slight so I don't know if this fails the rotation test that Ford describes in their troubleshooting tree.

From my understanding the only way to truly diagnose the fan is with the Ford computer which can force the PID to 100% lock and back to 0. If anyone has a shade tree mechanic way of doing this, I would greatly appreciate any input.

A few months ago when I was troubleshooting my AC issues (found out that the dual pressure switch was bad) I was able to increase the fan speed by tricking the computer in thinking the high pressure side of the switch had closed. I haven't tried that again since I didn't want to test my luck.

Thanks in advance!

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