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Excursion 12v 47rh swap

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Hi guys this is my first post I have been reading this forum for some time now. Im getting some money to start my project and i have some questions and I know that there other posts around that talk about excursions swaps but none talk about a12v with a 47rh. Without that said.
What kind of trans mount adaptation I have to do with a 47rh?
What would better to get a v10 or 7.3L diesel excursion?
Its going to be 4x4. Do I have to switch the input on the t case?
If I get the 7.3L would I be able to use intercooler and trans cooler?
With a 12v what kind of electronics im looking to make the ford dash work?

Thanks for all your help all your comments would be really appreciated

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Another way to look at things. A built 47rh is a heck of a transmission. The money spent to get the adapter and controller for the 4r100 would pay for half of a built 47rh and if you have to build the 4r100 than you are way ahead with the 47rh. So it is really up to you. The 12v is all mechanical and the 47rh does not need a computer to control it you just need pressure switches and some wiring to get od and TC lock up. For the trans mount I just welded a small plate to my 5R110 mount to change the bolt locations, works great. I had a 47re before (it was a used tranny that had been sitting for 3 years and blew all the seals the first time I drove it) and the drive shaft fits perfect you can get the dodge PCM to control that. The 47rh is about 5" longer than the 47re so you might have to cut your drive shaft. you do have to change out your input shaft in your t-case but getting the two halves of the case apart is the hardest thing with that. I just got my drive shaft cut down, and wont have time for a few weeks to install it but when I do I will let you know how it turns out. I used GOS singles for my motor mounts and their tach kit (Destroked Kit) and just got some adapters from Lowe's for the sending units. And hit my Check engine light with 3v and blew it out. Since I am in the process of doing a 12v/47rh in a SD if you have any questions I will do what I can to help you out. Just know it is the little things that can take the most time.
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That is a good combo 95 12v and a 47rh. I would contact Georend or Garmon's and see what they can do for you to get that rh converted into a 4x4. you will probably want to build it up anyway and like I said before you will cover at least half of the cost of the rebuild by not having to buy an adapter plate or a controller. Those rh's are getting harder and harder to find Georend will only rebuild them you can not buy one from them unless you have a rh to return to them. Garmon's hooked me up they took my 47re as a core. If you can find a 4x4 excursion that would be your best bet then all you need to do is replace the input shaft. but if you can find the dodge t-case you could make that work as well. I think it is an np271 same as the ford, the np273 has ESOF. Also might be easier to find a cheap 2003.5-2007 ex with a dead 6.0l and convert that, than find one with the V10 or 7.3l that 7.3l is a motor worth putting money into to keep it going and the 6.8l is a strong motor although a bit thirsty. (I had a 2000 F250 CC 4x4 with the 6.8l and got 13.5 mpgs) Plus with a 6.0l I know you can reuse the CAC, Radiator, and the tranny cooler.
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I got the drive shaft hooked up yesterday and filled the tranny. but when I was test driving it, it started to leak right where the t-case and transmission come together do you have any thoughts as what might cause this?
I have a 47rh and the ford NP273 with the dodge input shaft.

I'm thinking rear seal. I hope. But it is a brand new transmission. :bang
Does the input shaft on the t-case hold the rar seal inplace on the tranny?

Now that would make sence to me.
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