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Excursion 12v 47rh swap

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Hi guys this is my first post I have been reading this forum for some time now. Im getting some money to start my project and i have some questions and I know that there other posts around that talk about excursions swaps but none talk about a12v with a 47rh. Without that said.
What kind of trans mount adaptation I have to do with a 47rh?
What would better to get a v10 or 7.3L diesel excursion?
Its going to be 4x4. Do I have to switch the input on the t case?
If I get the 7.3L would I be able to use intercooler and trans cooler?
With a 12v what kind of electronics im looking to make the ford dash work?

Thanks for all your help all your comments would be really appreciated

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Yes the transfer case holds the seal onto the rear of the tranny. It seals to the transmission and not the transfer case.

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