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Excursion 12v 47rh swap

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Hi guys this is my first post I have been reading this forum for some time now. Im getting some money to start my project and i have some questions and I know that there other posts around that talk about excursions swaps but none talk about a12v with a 47rh. Without that said.
What kind of trans mount adaptation I have to do with a 47rh?
What would better to get a v10 or 7.3L diesel excursion?
Its going to be 4x4. Do I have to switch the input on the t case?
If I get the 7.3L would I be able to use intercooler and trans cooler?
With a 12v what kind of electronics im looking to make the ford dash work?

Thanks for all your help all your comments would be really appreciated

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I appreciate ur post a lot I mention the 47rh because I bought a donor truck from a friend of mine 95 ram2500 12v 47rh 2wd so I figure I just have to get a of housing for it.
Do u know if I could swap housings or do I have to do the of internals also?
Also if I could get my hands on a 2500 tcase would've be better? I figure since I have to modify the drive shaft I would just put a dodge sliding joke.
What u think?
Look forward talking to u about our builds

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Im a dodge mechanic I will rebuild the trans myself. I just has never converted a 2wd to 4x4 before.
About the ex I have been looking and the cheapest that I could find are 2000-2002 v10 4x4 im going to look im the auction with a friend to see what I find.
Thanks for ur help keep posting

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It may have been a faulty rear trans seal or the tcase input doest reach all the way in.
What combination u have

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I thought its was a nv273 but np273 I don't recall that one came out of a v10 also check the depth or length of the tcase shaft going into the trans and make sure it reaches the seal.

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It doesn't support the seal but it rides on the seal and it seals with the smooth part of the shaft.

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hi guys im back finally got my truck yes a truck i know i started this as an ex in mind but i found this 01 f250 7.3 diesel 4x4 in better conditions and cheaper.
with that said my next question for all u 12v racing experts im trying to build my motor from my 94 2500 donor truck which has 220k miles the motor is in really good contions i got the truck from my buddys dad that he had it since 60k miles.
I want to buy a good rebuild kit and some nice pistons and get like a 4k gsk with the hd valve springs and a lift pump also some injectors and a 66mm turbo.
my goal is to be aroud 500-600 HP i would be super happy
Also behind that im planing on building the 47RH with a full rebuild kit from suncoast and a billet triple clutch tc.
Also where should i buy my conversion parts since im not using ford trans i only want like the ac hoses and motor mounts and the np273 input tach kit alternator etc..
With that said i would like some input and opinions and all of them would be gratefully appreciated.

this is the rebuild kit i found

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