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Excursion 12v 47rh swap

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Hi guys this is my first post I have been reading this forum for some time now. Im getting some money to start my project and i have some questions and I know that there other posts around that talk about excursions swaps but none talk about a12v with a 47rh. Without that said.
What kind of trans mount adaptation I have to do with a 47rh?
What would better to get a v10 or 7.3L diesel excursion?
Its going to be 4x4. Do I have to switch the input on the t case?
If I get the 7.3L would I be able to use intercooler and trans cooler?
With a 12v what kind of electronics im looking to make the ford dash work?

Thanks for all your help all your comments would be really appreciated

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getting a diesel powered vs. v10 really dosn't matter, In my experience you can get a really nice v10 pretty cheap vs what people want for a deisel powered.

mounting the engine is easy if you get the mounts from autowold, 12v's are really simple. you will transplant the sensors from the ford engine to the cummins to make the gages work and you will need a tach kit from autoworld or destroked

the trans you want is the bad part, the 47rh is a good boat anchor right next to a 6.0 psd if you tryign to avoid wiring a nv4500 is the best or reuse the 4r100

here is a link of an excursion built using the common rail and a 48re that started as a v10
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