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Hi.... Hoping someone can help me (and Ford mechanics) out here as so far no one can figure out the root cause.

2005 Excursion Diesel (6.0 TurboDiesel) ~150k.

Have taken solid care of this truck and had no major probs until around 135k (2014), where we replaced EGR valve, FICM and a few injectors. Made it fine for about 10K, then EGR valve went bad again; replaced it w/new one that lasted about 300 miles (apparently was bad from factory/warrantied...but now I’m wondering if something else wasn’t going on??).

Fast forward to 2 months ago. Drove about 500 miles all over the mountains of Colorado, pretty high elevation, mainly highway. On one of the “usual” passes (10K), as I got stuck behind a lot of slow traffic during the climb, I felt a slight loss of power (intermittent) and a mild “burp/stutter”, so mild that in fact that I thought maybe my foot slid slightly off the gas pedal. I could tell it wasn't running well (seemed like it wanted more "gas" (air?) but I was able to hobble it across the mountain (late at night when I knew there'd be no slow traffic), where they said an injector had gone out, one on the we went ahead and replaced ALL.

Made it another 4-500 miles, then boom happened again.....coincidentally over the same 10k' pass, felt the "minor hiccup", saw a little light gray smoke on the acceleration, then on the next mellow climb about 10 miles ahead, the truck stalled. Died. Dead.

I was able to crank it and “gun” it the final one mile to my house. It seemed like that truck only would run if over 2500 RPM, anything slower it would die. Got it towed to Ford dealership who kept it for 10 days -- replaced all injectors, FICM and Master Sensor. It ran fine for the next 500 miles until today......the same mild “burp/buck” when slowly driving up a busy road, and the engine light came on.

So, in sum -- 2 SETS OF INJECTORS, 2 FICMs, 3 EGRs, 1 MASTER SENSOR..... and this keeps happening. Fortunately these parts keep getting warrantied, but my time/safety is not. Further as I’m pretty remote it puts me w/out this vehicle for 1-2 weeks at a time, AND frankly who wants to be stressed out all the time that this tank might die any moment possibly causing an accident -- often in a pretty remote location (no cell, traffic, etc.).

Oh btw, most of the driving over the past 20k has been on pavement or smooth gravel, and all of the driving has been very mellow (no hotrodding, speeding, etc.. I use high quality diesel when possible and additive every few fills. Ford says all else on truck looks fine. Interestingly they couldve tried to make a lot of money off me, but made none as all was warrantied....seemed like a good crew of mechanics. This week will have to take it to a different ford as I'm in a different state.)

Hoping someone here may have some clue of what Ford is missing....root problem? Thanks much....

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Any chance that the foil cap from fuel additive made it into the tank, intermittently plugging the suction?

The only other thing that I can think of is barometric pressure sensor or cam sensor, but I am no mechanic-just shooting in the dark with that one.

Please keep us posted-I have a 2005 Excursion as well with 220K on it. It has cost me 3 injectors thus far, no other problems (knock on wood).
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