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Vendor TOTM submissions

This month we are doing something special again and having a VENDOR truck of the month. Vote for your favorite truck out of all this unique and spectacular rides from our vendors...:Thumbup:


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OK....ill start....Its not my truck...but our (FASS's) Race Truck:

We got some better pics....but i cant seem to find them...ill update when i get a chance. ALSO...when i get a moment free.....(LOL ).....ill update specs and such.....OR just read this months Diesel Power (Jan 08..)......


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I will enter Jody's truck in the contest. He has done so much to it and not many people have actually seen it. LOL

Here is what got this all started.

Mods are:

BD530 Injectors with .085 Extrude honed nozzles
QSSB Turbo
Dual CCV Mod
AIH Delete
Modded IDM
Evans Coolant
Full BTS Trans
ITP Regulated return
5/8 tank pickup
Air Dog lift pump
Aeromotive A1000 Fuel Pump
High Rise Plenums
Access Cover
Autometer C2 Gauges
DP-Tuner with Blue Gauge switch

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Ok I guess I will submit Casper. I will put up the pics and see if Pat wants to add more mods when he gets home from work :D

Video of my 10.59 pass

Kat 10.59 @ 128.9

Here are the Major Mods
EFILive "2CP3" McRat Tuning
Mike L Suncoast Trans
PPE Dual CP3's
So Cal Diesel Internals

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I'll toss my junk into the ring...just for giggles. Since I haven't gotten very far with the mods on this one yet, the list is a bit short.

It started life as a 2002 F-250 Regular Cab Long Bed Work still has a 222k mile tired work truck engine that I've just tossed a few parts at until the full blown engine build is done.
  • Shortened to Regular Cab / Short Bed by Gene (weweld)
  • DP-Tuner "F5" Chip (Stock / Tow / Economy / Race / Extreme)
  • Custom Side Exit Exhaust with MBRP 4" Downpipe (soon to be replaced)
  • AFE Stage II Magnum Force Intake Kit
  • Complete DiPricol Optix Gauge Package
    • AutoMeter Quad Pillar Gauge Mount
      • Black Optix Series Pyrometer
      • Black Optix Series Boost Gauge
      • Black Optix Series Trans Temp Gauge
      • Black Optix Series High Pressure Oil Gauge
    • AutoMeter 3-Gauge "Under Cubby" Gauge Mount
      • Black Optix 30psi Electric Fuel Pressure Gauge (AirDog Outlet)
      • Black Optix 100psi Electric Fuel Pressure Gauge (Fuel Pump Outlet)
      • Black Optix 100psi Electric Fuel Pressure Gauge (Fuel Pressure Regulator)
  • Complete Custom Fuel System
    • Modified Jaz 15 Gallon Aluminum Fuel Cell
      • Outlets Upgraded to #10 Female O-Ring Boss
      • Returns Upgraded to #8 Female O-Ring Boss
      • Custom Fuel Level Sending Unit Installed
      • Rollover Vent Installed
    • ITP Regulated Return Kit
    • ITP Fuel Bowl Delete Kit
    • ITP High Performance Fuel Delivery Kit (prototype)
    • 150gph AirDog
  • Dynomite "AC" Injectors with .0070" Nozzles
  • ITP "Overboost" Kit
  • KCM HPX Line (High Pressure Oil Crossover)
  • CCV Re-Route Kit
  • Turbocharger Modifications
    • High Flow "Non-EBV" Turbine Outlet Housing
    • Banks "Big Head" Actuator
    • Banks 1.0 A/R Turbine Housing
    • ATS Ported Shroud Compressor Housing
  • Front Suspension Modifications
    • ChassisTech 3" Drop Front I-Beams
    • QA1 Adjustable Front Drag Race Shocks
  • Custom Rear Suspension
    • Custom Rear Ladder Bars
    • Custom Panhard Bar
    • Coil Over Shocks
    • Detroit Locker with Stock 3.73:1 Gears
    • MagHytec Rear Differential Cover
  • Custom Wheels and Tires
    • Bogart Racing 16x10 Rear Wheels (2 sets)
    • Bogart Racing 16x6 Front Wheels
    • Hoosier 31x12.50/16 "Pro Street" Rear Tires
    • M&H 12.00/16 "Nostalgia" Slicks (for track duty)
    • Goodyear 225/75/16 Wrangler ST Front Tires
  • Complete John Wood Automotive Race Transmission:
    • JW / TCS Billet Torque Converter
    • Billet Input and Intermediate Shafts
    • ALL JW Internal Transmission Upgrades
    • JW Valve Body Modifications
  • 2005 Front End Conversion (Grille, Head Lights and Bumper)
Best Track Performance To Date
("Race" Program / Unboosted Launch on CRAPPY BFG Rugged Terrain Tires)

Track : Speedworld
Date / Time : 09/28/07 - 10pm
Reaction Time : 0.142
60 Foot Time : 2.268
1/8 Mile : 9.023 @ 80.250mph
1/4 Mile : 13.897 @ 100.589mph​


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Let's see if I can figure this out.........

1995 Crewcab F350 4X4: 122k miles

Performance Mods:
Terminator High Pressure Oil System with Extreme ICP
Crower Rods
DDP B code injectors
DI Intercooler
DI H-11 headstuds
Comp Valve springs
TE Twin Turbo (Garrett Ball Bearing 38R with a Turbonetics TN76)
DP Tuner F5 custom programs
BTS Trans

Shackle Reversal
4.10 gears
35" Pro Comp AT's

Body & Paint:
Custom flames by Jeremy "Wacker" Walker

.on it for ya Joey! -Dave

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Ok, here is my truck

06 F-350 Crewcab long bed (yeah I like um long)
6.0 6spd 4x4
XLT True Blue
Daystar Leveling Kit
Sasquatch Diesel Adjustable Trac Bar
Sasquatch Diesel Tracton Bars
PML Rear Diff Cover
Eagle Alloy Wheels
Toyo Open Country M/Ts
B&W Turnoverball
Upfitter Switch Controlled Rear Power Outlet for Trailer Winch and High Idle
South Bend 8FB Clutch
Midwest Transmission Short Throw Shifter
SCT with Tunes from Dp-Tuner, DJ and Innovative
AFE Stage 2 ProGaurd
Banks Techni-cooler
Sasquatch Diesel EGR Cooler Delete
ARP Head Studs
ITP Regulated Return Fuel System
ITP Pick-up Tube
Air Dog 150
MBRP Duals
Reflexxion Steel Cowl Induction Hood
Putco Smoke Clearance Lights
DeeZee EZ Down
3 Gauge Pillar Pod with Isspro Performax Gauges
2 Gauge Overhead Pod with Optix HPOP and Coolant Temp

Kept clean with Adam's Polishes

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Can I count the U-Haul I raced at Indy in 2006?

Or maybe TS Performance's shop truck I raced at Indy in 2007?

Okay, if it has to be my own truck, then it's not much to look at or very fast. However, it has had MANY runs down the dragstrip (and won a reasonable share of those rounds).

It doesn't have many mods (see my signature), but it does okay for a big old OBS dually with stock injectors (and 255k miles). It has run as quick as 16.80 but wheel hops if I try to push it that hard. I figure it could probably go 16.50 if not for the wheel hopping, but I'd rather take it easy on it anyway.

It serves as a test bed for new ISSPRO products. It sometimes gets more beat-up testing gauges than on the race track (like stalling against the converter to build boost waaaay up for a wheel-hopping launch). Just last week it sprung a leak in the fuel filter restricted sensor, while purposely trying to hit high fuel pressure conditions to test a gauge.

Obviously my truck has a lot fewer mods and is a lot slower than the others which have been submitted, but I figured I'd throw it in here!

Michael Pliska

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Here's my baby guys.

Here's what I've done to "Clifford" so far.:Thumbup:
05 5.9CR was installed first off.
Full Billet 4R100 Built By Mcdonnell's Automatic Transmission Specialists
Sun Coast Custom Convertor
ATS manifold
ATS Arc Flow
Silver Bullet Phat Shaft Set to 65 PSI
Industrial Injection 10 Hole 120's
Mild head work and studded
Snow Stage II
Predator Rail Box
Modded CP3 By Industrial
Dual Feed Line
PCS Controller for Trans
All Dipricol Instrumentation
GOS Front Bumper Light Kit
GOS Headlight Harness
Diamond Cut Headlights
Flex Lite Dual Fan Kit
Tru Cool Trans Cooler
Hughes Trans Pan Double Deep
Running on 20's
4'' Rev Tek Lift Kit
KC Light Bar
Dyno #'s, who knows who cares, has no problems with the 35'sLOL
I know there's more but that should be enough. Finished Truck in 06. Originally had 48,000 miles on the odometer, commutes and works daily. We've put over 50,000 on the odometer and never looked back.
Hope you guys like it.:Thumbup:

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Mini Me Mods:

Set of ARP Headstuds
Casserly 250cc Injectors
Nitrous Wet System
M&H DOT Racemasters
400 Lbs. of Elevator Weights in the Tail Section
Looney Tune :Thumbup:



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This month we are doing something special and having a VENDOR truck of the month. Vote for your favorite truck out of all this unique and spectacular rides from our vendors...:Thumbup:

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5,655 Posts come innovatives truck isnt in the mix...?

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plainredtruck said:

How to phrase this . . .

We needed to get a few "under the hood" shots when I was down there. Forgot all about it :damnit

Maybe at Smokin' - I'll drive it up there for you :poke:


No worries...:deal:

Pics or no pics of the engine compartment it still has LSD diesel in the fuel tank, Running BD 530's on pmr's going on 4 years now and gets the best fuel mileage of any of them . LOL

Everyone has some good looking truck's fo sho...


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6L strokin said: come innovatives truck isnt in the mix...?
All vendors had the same opportunity/choice to enter the TOTM. So maybe they just didn't want to be part of it...:shrug:

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Thank you Dave (4cstr) for teaching me how to upload the images onto the posts and fixing it for me. You're Great!


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I've gotta go with Aden/Gos Racing. Great looking truck, and it's got a CR conversion...what more could I ask for?!?! Good luck to all...
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