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Finally! After 60 years I've got the diesel truck I've been needing all these years! First thing I had to do was figure out which fuel to put in it! (Blended, it's cold out!) Now, would you kind gentlemen please educate me on the essentials (Maintenence, things to look out for, common suspension and drive train issues, etc.)? I'll be hauling hay and livestock over long distances on a regular basis as well as driving to town and loading up tons (literally) of supplies there about once a month.

It has issues (of course) and I'm researching them. An EGR code has popped up on the way home from Great Falls, and according to the former owner, it has a hot start problem. I think I have that one figured out, but if you have experience, please feel free to advise. It has sat for a long time, gauges don't want to work (fuse issues), and unknown to me, it had over a half tank of fuel in it when I filled up. It is going to the mechanic as soon as it gets home! I am 100% sure it's going to be something between a headache and a nightmare but I REALLY needed this truck! Any words of wisdom will be highly appreciated!

Thank you!


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First thing you need is a good electronic gauge system.

You can get a permanent system (some are fairly expensive), or you can get a smartphone app.

Torque Pro is good and I have it on Android machines. ForScan is the best for troubleshooting and I have that on my i-phone. You need the appropriate OBDII adapter for the smartphone apps.

I like the BAFX adapters for good value, but the OBLink MX+ adapters are more "fully featured".

Then get a fuel pressure gauge and even a coolant pressure gauge is handy to have.

Getting the monitoring devices will enable you to troubleshoot most issues.

Then you need to figure out the following:
1. Do you still have an active EGR system and if so, what EGR cooler do you have (OEM or aftermarket)
2. What coolant is in it
3. What is the coolant/oil temperature differential (on a fully warmed up engine)
4. If you have any stored codes
5. If you have sufficient fuel pressure to protect the injectors
6. If you have coolant pressure that might end up being a head gasket issue or failed EGR cooler
7. Are you tuned or still stock?

Lastly, post up any and all modifications and any/all repairs history information.
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