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2000 Freightliner FL70 welding service truck w/Cummins 8.3L

Just started this strange anomaly. While driving, the engine will skip. By skip, I mean the engine shuts off for just a half second or so and usually only once per trip. Most trips are 100 miles or less. The engine light will come and stay on until I restart it then the engine light goes off. This makes me think whatever trouble code caused it to come on, then cleared itself. If I am stationary and using the bed mounted crane with the engine at high idle it will sometimes do it. Usually only once. It's disturbing enough that I am hesitant to take it out on a long service call and have it shut down and not restart and leave me stranded.

I bought the truck used a couple of years ago so I don't have a manual for it. Is it possible for me to check for trouble codes? I don't see a port for a scanner anywhere like light duty vehicles have an OBD2 port. Maybe something like my old motorcycle that has a key on/key off sequence to retrieve trouble codes. I'm hoping for a sensor that I might be able to replace myself or maybe some direction to a wire that might be making a bad connection.

Any assistance would surely be appreciated!

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