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This truck belonged to a good friend of mine that passed away recently. I bought the old Chevy both to help his family and to save it. I know for a fact this truck was running strong when he parked it. The only reason he did was so he could “fix it up”. Unfortunately his health began to decline shortly after and he never got around to it.

I know for a fact the 350 four bolt main under the hood has little run time on it I remember him swapping in that engine when it was brand new. He drove this truck daily, it ran strong and the transmission shifted nicely. The body is in decent shape but I admit parking it under a tree was not good for it. The bed floor is gone and there is some rust in the floor boards. I do not know why the passenger side fender is gone. The rest of the sheet metal is pretty straight and solid.

I would really like to keep this truck and “fix it up” not just for the fact that I have always wanted one, but also so that my friend’s memory might live on a bit longer. But I have too much going on right now and I could not afford to buy it in the first place. I am only asking $900 because that is what I paid. Along with that I want a promise this old truck will see life again.

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