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Biodiesel processing unit: turn used cooking oil (waste vegetable oil WVO) into diesel fuel with this reactor. Entire unit fits on a standard size pallet, great for garages.
Never used, includes professionally designed processing unit (NEVER USED! $1800 value)
& everything you need to get started:
Zeeline Rotary Pump (NEVER USED! $129 value)
Metal jerrycan with 5 gallons of methanol ($70 value)
Gloves (NEVER USED! $5.99 value)
Splash goggles (NEVER USED! $5 value)
You can even make your own soap with the byproduct.
Located in SE Texas.
Turns out I don't have any space for this project & the wife wants it gone.
Asking $699 for everything.
PM me if interested. Thanks.
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