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Using the Ignition Switch
Another way to turn the autolock feature off/on is by following this series of steps:
1. Close all doors.
2. Confirm that the key is in the OFF position.
3. NOTE: Steps 3 through eight must be carried out within 30 seconds.
Turn the key from OFF to RUN.
4. Press UNLOCK 3 times.
5. Turn the key from RUN to OFF.
6. Press UNLOCK 3 times.
7. Turn the key from OFF to RUN. The enable/disable mode is now ready to accept program changes.
8. Press UNLOCK once to command the vehicle security module to toggle the autolock/relock feature OFF.
9. Press LOCK once to enter the command.
10. Verify that the horn chirps one time. There should only be one chirp indicating that the autolock/relock feature has been disabled. If one chirp is
heard followed by a longer sound of the horn, the autolock/relock feature has just been enabled. Return to Step 10.
11. Turn the key to the OFF position to exit the enable/disable mode.

Using the Hardwired Keyless Entry Keypad
A manual enable/disable mode allows the autolock feature to be turned off and on.
To enable or disable autolock using the hardwired keyless entry keypad:
1. Enter the 5-digit permanent entry code into the keyless entry keypad.
2. Within 5 seconds of entering the code, press and hold the 7/8 button on the keypad.
3. Within 5 seconds of Step 2, and while holding the 7/8 button, press the 3/4 button on the keypad and release it.
4. Within 5 seconds of Step 3, release the 7/8 button on the keypad.
If the autolock feature is disabled, the horn will chirp once. If the autolock feature is enabled, the horn will chirp once shortly and then sound a second
time for a longer sound of the horn once the above sequence is completed.
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