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FORD A/C on 5.9

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Has anyone put a Ford Compressor on a 5.9 Cummins conversion and mounted it up high and on drivers side?? Would love some detailed pics and how it was done...unless someone out there has a Cummins 5.9 High Mount A/C bracket from a Ford F-800 (PN #3930888)..Any help is greatly appreciated!!
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Cummins ac brackets

The ac bracket generally referred to as the high mount was used on Ford and Freightliner medium dutys. The cummins part number for the mount is 3930822. The upper alternator mount is 3920862 and the lower one is 3930820. The lower water inlet on the Fords usually turns straight down. This generally won't work on a GM. There is one that goes straight out that will clear on those. The upper water outlet points straight up. The hose goes up and over the alternator arm. The ac compressor for this bracket can be found on ebay listing for Ford/Sterling ac compressor. The alternator bracket is designed for a 21si or 22si J180 style unit. These were used on virtually every medium duty truck. These alternators are 1 wire and have an output terminal for your charge light and one for a tach. You can use a Dakota Digital interace to link to your factory tach. There is also a cummins bracket that mounts an ac compressor on the top drivers side beside#1 valve cover. This one is found on Case tractors and uses an accessory V belt pulley mounted on the fan hub. I priced this set up once and it was between $400 and $500 just for the bracket, pulley and belt. You could probably have one custom made cheaper.The guys at GOS Performance have custom ac brackets. The high mount bracket can be found on virtually every Ford/Cummins medium duty application including school buses. Many times you will see the bracket without an ac compressor but has an ac delete pulley in its place. That way the belt length is the same with or without ac. Hope this info helps. I plan to use a high mount bracket but am putting my Ford vacuum pump in the ac spot. That will put it in exactly the same area as original.
See less See more don't happen to have any of those brackets and water necks kicking around do ya?? I'd LOVE to buy em if you do!!!
trucknut, I got to looking at that ac mounting bracket and the bottom part that mounts to the block is cracked very bad crack too. I could not tell because it was caked with oil and such. they tightend it so much that the part that was attached to it left an indention half as deep as this bracket is thick. It is bearly hanging on. Let me know if you still want the rest of this stuff. Sorry I have been working on other stuff lately.
I'm still the v belt pulley removable that runs it as well by chance?
ac brackets

Trucknut, sorry I don't have any spare brackets. In fact I just bought a complete set up from an F700 Ford. The guy was putting it in a Dodge and didn't need any of the Ford parts. They are out there. Just have to be patient. Took me over a year to find one. You can get all the parts from Cummins but they ain't very cheap. If there are any HD truck salvage yards around you may find the set up there. The set up using the auxilary V belt is almost impossible to find used. Not too many Case tractors around with ac. The pulley bolts onto the front of the fan hub and use bolts that are a little longer. Cummins and Ford used this set up to mount a vacuum pump beside the #1 valve cover. See these for sale sometimes. Most guys who put the ac compressor there make their own bracket. All the accessory pulleys I've seen are 4 bolt. There may be a 6 bolt one as well. I have attached a photo of a brand new cummins 6bta with the pulley and the top bracket. Don't we wish ours could be that nice. If you need a photo of the other style set up I'll get you one.


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I'm still the v belt pulley removable that runs it as well by chance?
Yes the v belt pulley is removeable but because the bolts are so long and there is quite a large spacer that goes between the serp belt fan pulley and the V belt pulley I was going to just keep it on there unused as a spacer. I think I can use the Freightliner fan, but I am not sure if I can use a dodge fan or not. What fan do you have maybe we could trade parts?
It's the stock Dodge fan..but the fan itself is a bit bent clutch and that is fine tho.
Here is a set up a guy in Michigan is using on a 4bt going into a Ford pickup. He top mounted the Ford compressor and is using a reverse rotation pulley. Although he made his own pulley I plan to use the one from a CR 5.9 which is already rev rotation. This way you only have one belt to deal with.


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This is the best I can do
what did that thermostat housing come off of?

any chance you might have an engine serial # so I can get one threw cummins.

you can't buy a gum ball from Cummins North East in Springfeild Mass without a serial #.
I FINALLY managed to locate the high mount A/C Bracket locally...I have the idler bracket being made by a friend (FREE)...but don't have that is a pic of what I have so far

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Looks good. I just recieved my low mount ac bracket last night.:rock Thanks Steel.

hayjay- I sent you a PM
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