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In search of the best oil for 6.7 powerstroke, I learned something new yesterday, and thought I'd share, in case some of you guys weren't in the loop either.
The tech that changed my oil told me about how the early Superduty had a flawed design plastic oil pan and that most he'd seen had been replaced with the steel version, oh but not mine.
At first I didn't believe him, because out of all the techs that have ever changed my oil, he was the first to share this info with me.
"After the 6.7L Scorpion Motor was introduced in late 2010, it was hailed throughout the 2011 model year as an all-new and revolutionary diesel.
While it was—and still is—an impressive engine, even with all the power of Ford behind the development, a few bugs needed to be worked out.
One of these bugs was an unfortunate leaking of oil from the new engine’s space-age composite oil pan. These oil pans had a new ¼-turn drain plug for the main sump, and experience showed that after a few oil changes, the pans began to leak. The result was nasty oil spots, whenever and wherever you parked your truck. Not cool—and quite messy—to say the least.
Ford engineers soon solved the problem on later model 6.7L engines, but, unfortunately, Ford never used a recall to fix the leak on those early engines.
Luckily, if you own an early 2011-12 Super Duty with a 6.7L that leaves a little oil to mark its parking spot, there is an easy fix: Ford’s solution was to go back to a stamped steel oil pan with a threaded drain plug. Now all of the latest 6.7Ls contain this old-school style pan, which proves that sometimes old school is still the best solution."
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