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1997 (February build date) F-350, 7.3 PowerStroke, regular cab, 10' bed, 4x4 with manual hubs, 174,xxx miles.

We've had this truck for several years and used it for plowing and occasional work around the house. It has definitely been worth the money spent, although we've only put about 6k miles on it in the last 5 years.

The front end is pretty rusted out, and there is significant binding in the steering. The last thing I want is for something to break as I'm going around the corner along the steep, cliffside part of the driveway.

I'm tempted to dig into it and clean-up/rebuild the front end, but wonder whether it's worth it. I figure if I'm going to do one thing, might as well do it all because who wants to rip it apart more than once....

I guess my biggest question would be whether I ought to buy all the parts individually and piece it together, or is there somewhere I can get more assembled components? re-manufactured preferably.

I've attached some pictures of the trouble spots and you can see the conditions it's in.


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