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For sale I have 2 games for Xbox 360. They are only a few days old each and I only played each twice. Adult owned so they are in pristine condition with everything that comes with the game. Again, nothing is wrong with them but I know I'm barely going to play them so I rather sale them and take my loss now rather than later down the road or have them just sit. I shouldn't of even bought them, LOL!

Fight Night Round 4
- Bought 7-14-09
- $48 shipped

NCAAF 2010
- Bought 7-15-09
- $48 shipped

Heatware - Smashed Ixnay (12-0-0)
Ebay - Penaloza777 (124-0-0)

Send me a PM or post here if interested. I only take paypal and am paypal verified.
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