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worken on a 9five my keyboard messed up i need some tips to make it fuel harder and longer but any help will be great.

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govornor spring
delivery valves
and much more.....

if you are looking for free mods and dont care about gauges...then take off the afc housing (top of injection pump located in rear of pump) and then loosen two screws for the fuel plate and push it all the way forward then back it out a couple millimeters. when installing the afc housing slide it all the way forward and tighten it back down....i think that will give you 25-35 more ponies..... and you feel it too. check out the stickeys at the top of the 12 valve forum...newbies start here....
i dont know what you already have installed in the truck so i cant really help out anymore than this..good luck..
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