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It is coming from the upper connection. It isn't the O-Ring, it leaking on the other side of the o-ring.

What would be causing it to do this? What should I do to even attempt to fix the problem?

I replaced all the O-Rings and Hoses in/on the fuel bowl. I also replaced the fuel bowl heater element.
I drove it for a day with no problems, then I noticed it was leaking again. I looked it over and saw that it was leaking at the banjo bolt on the fuel pump, so I found a wrench that would fit it, and snuged it up a little and that leak went away. Im going to order the new copper seals on Monday. Once I thought all the leaks were fixed, today I smelled raw fuel again, now as I posted above it's the fuel bowl heater.

I'd like to fix it, just don't know what to do or what to order to fix it.
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