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I have big problems with my 2000 F-250:smoke
it idles rough.
The easiest thing that I read is to check the fuel return line to see if it plugged.
Problem is that I don't have a clue where the fuel line is.
If you do a search for F_stahl you can read up on my problem.
Thanks any help would be great, I spent 1400 dollars on this problem and it is the same never changed.
Things the mechanic did.
1 pulled the fuel tank and checked the screen
2 changed the pcm
3 looked for some loose wire or something?
4 took it to a dealership, they changed a sensor
5 dealership wanted to change out the high pressure oil pump for 1000 dollars I told them I would run it like this for now.:shrug:
I really need some good tips on this one.
:thanks: Frank

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Has anyone done an injector contribution test yet. Or something to that process. Alot of times a rough idle has to do with injector timing. I would say check the injectors. Also The fuel system on a Superduty with the 7.3 dead ends into the fuel rails.

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I didn't read anywhere in the post to which you referred that the fuel return line could be the culprit. I read a lot about fuel filters, fuel rails, and even supply lines.

Who did your Greasecar conversion? If it's not the same guy doing this work now, then maybe you should contact that person to troubleshoot your setup.

I would find somebody up there with a NGS scan tool to run the injector and HPOP tests.

Keep us posted.

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